Hypodermal jet injectors without needle "JET 2000"

This injector offers the users a valuable alternative to the traditional syringe and it is a painless mean for the administration of medicines.
While the traditional syringe penetrates the cutaneous barrier by means of a needle, the injectors administers the injectable substance at a sub-cutaneous level by the pressure generated through a spring system controlled by a switch.
Also the cutaneous absorption is faster than the one given by a traditional syringe thanks to a major depth of injection and to a larger cutaneous area concerned.
In this way , it is possible to avoid any kind of trauma and the liquid substance is rapidly absorbed by the sub-cutaneous vascular system. Different and many are the applications of this innovative product, that's the reason why it has been largely studied and tested by hospitals and university medical departments. All these studies have proved the high precision of dosing and the total absence of pain while using the hypodermal injector.
Even WHO is now testing this device in order to have a valuable tool to use in the field of vaccinations.
Most of all the hypodermal injector is useful in eparin administration.
The low-dosing eparinic therapy (sub-cutaneous), reveals to be an efficacious treatment: without risks and well-accepted by patients for the pharmacologic prevention of myocardiac infarct as well as for thromboembolyc complications.
This device is very diffused in diabetes insuline-dependence therapies where its utility has been largely tested.
Easy handling and administering simpleness make the jet injector particularly suitable for immunological use.
Vaccins adopted by the "WHO´s Expanded Programme of Immunization" are:
Bcg, diphteria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles and, only in some particular occasions, cholera, influenza vaccine and yellow fever.
The vaccines that can be injected by jet injectors are:
Diphteria, pertussis, tetanus, inactivated poliomyelitis, measles, cholera, yellow fever and influenza vaccine.
Jet injectors can also administer vaccines like TAB-TE as well as tifo and paratifo.
It can also be used in mesotherapy.